Zhu-Zhu Navy Fleece Microwavable Slippers

  • The perfect way to soothe tired, aching or chilled feet, simply heat in a microwave then sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort.
  • Each Zhu-Zhu microwavable slipper contains natural wheat grains and pure lavender leaf.
  • Enjoy soothing warmth and relaxing aroma to release stress and everyday aches and pains.
  • Gently scented with Lavender.
  • Heat the pair of slippers in a microwave for 90 seconds.
  • Sole and top of foot contain wheat grain to surround your feet with warmth, can make them difficult to walk in.

These fabulously soft fleece feet warmers are a cosy treat for your feet. Simply heat in the microwave and they will make your toes toasty and warm. Contains treated wheat grains and pure lavender leaf. The soothing blend of the heat and the lavender aroma soothes and relaxes people and genuinely relieves discomfort. Since the sole also contains wheat grains these feet warmers are not suitable for walking in, just sit back, relax and enjoy toasty feet.