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Aroma Home Knitted Microwave Hottie - Pink Cat

Soothe and relax your body today by cuddling up to one of these adorable and ever popular knitted animal hotties from Aroma Home. A modern day alternative to a traditional hot water bottle, each hottie has an easily removable calico insert. Filled with tourmaline and lavender oil the calico insert when popped in the microwave and gently warmed releases the aromatic fragrance to help induce sleep and deep relaxation.

Adorable just doesn't go far enough, with a stylish design that combines cuteness, fun, with warming practicality.

This Aroma Home huggable hottie is the perfect companion for those long cold nights.

  • Knitted outer and microwave heat-able insert
  • Heat-able insert contains tourmaline beads with lavender seeds.
  • Pack size - gift box measuring 27cmx 18.5cm x 5cm.
  • Made from 30% lambswool and 70% acrylic (front) 100% polyester (cover reverse) and beautifully packaged they make the perfect gift.)