Zhu-Zhu Warm Snuggles Lamb - Microwavable Hottie

Made from supersoft plush fabric, this Warm Snuggles Sheep from Zhu Zhu will provide cosy comfort every night. Cute, cuddly and featuring a removable lavender-scented wheat pack that’s designed to be heated in the microwave to soothe you to sleep.

  • Simple, practical body warmer
  • Just microwave to activate and enjoy hours of soothing warmth
  • Tummy insert contains natural wheat grains and pure lavender leaf
  • Removable textured plush cover
  • Seated height approximately 26cm

Forget counting sheep, cuddle one instead! This gorgeous microwavable cuddly toy makes a clever alternative to a traditional hot-water bottle. No more juggling with boiling water and leaking seals, this bedtime warmer just needs a minute in the microwave to provide hours of warmth.

The fabulous deep-pile plush outer is soft and deliciously squidgy. Look inside our sheep’s tum and you’ll discover a microwavable insert filled with grains of wheat and a dash of pure lavender leaf. After a minute in the microwave, the grains are ready for use, gently giving off their warmth together with a relaxing aroma that’s designed to promote a restful sleep.

Adults will love Warm Snuggles every bit as much as kids – in fact it’s a great choice for all ages from three to ninety-three. The wheat bag’s comforting warmth combined with the lavender fragrance relaxes muscles and helps to calm body and mind which aids sleep. It offers great value for money, as the insert can be reheated many dozens of times.

Our cuddly, practical sheep will provide hours of fun in the daytime, too, even without the heated insert. The supersoft fabric is lovely to snuggle into on a car journey or at playgroup. You might be glad of the soothing properties of the wheat-and-lavender combination if your child has a sore tum, minor bump or bruise to contend with as heat therapy is a great way of combating strains and inflammation.