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Aroma Home Soothing You Microwavable Neck Warmer - Blue

This soothing neck warmer contains natural flax seed fragranced with lavender seeds.  The shape of the neck warmer is designed to gently mould to the contours of neck and shoulders.

  • The cover is made with 100% pure cotton velvet
  • Warm in a microwave only.
  • To chill place the insert inside a plastic bag before placing in the freezer 
  • Fragranced with Lavender.
  • Soothe and ease the pain in aching or stiff necks and shoulders.

When gently warmed in the microwave the neck warmer produces a combination of therapeutic heat and a relaxing lavender fragrance to help enhance deep relaxation, soothing and easing pain or stiffness in necks and shoulders. The neck warmer can also be chilled and used as a cooling compress.