Aroma Home

Aroma Home Forget Me Not Scented Floral Microwave Body Wrap

Aroma Home soothing body wraps can be heated in a microwave and used to help relieve aching muscles, joint pain or simply for a comforting warmth.

This beautifully designed body wrap has an attractive Forget Me Not design print and is infused with Forget Me Not pure essential oil. The combination of soothing warmth and soft floral Forget Me Not scent is the perfect way to relax both a tired mind and body.

The front is printed while the reverse is a soft fleece for additional comfort. They can also be used chilled as a cold compress when placed in a freezer.

They are filled with flaxseed, perfect for keeping its warmth and moving to mould to the shape of your body. Place around the neck or any part of the body that needs soothing.

Beautifully packaging and available in a range of design and scents it makes a great gift.

Product size – Length = 49cm, Width = 14cm