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Aroma Home Hot Hugs - Pug

Just heat up my tummy to enjoy a lovely warm cuddle,with calming Lavender pure essential oil.

Everyone needs a hug, and our lovable dog will provide warmth and comfort every night. He's not only cute and cuddly; he also contains a removable lavender-scented heat pack that can be heated in the microwave to soothe you to sleep.

Hot Hugs are made with the highest quality supersoft fabrics. These adorable animals contain an easily removable tourmaline filled tummy insert. The tummy insert has been infused with lavender pure essential oil to help soothe and calm your little ones at bed time. Simply heat the insert in a microwave to enjoy a lovely warm cuddle.

As well as being great huggable hotties they also make terrific toys. The fun packaging makes them a perfect gift, so give someone special to you a lovely Hot Hug.

Just heat the removable tummy in a microwave for one minute, pop it back inside to enjoy the warmth and comfort while it slowly releases its natural power and aroma of calming lavender pure essential oil, perfect for helping you get a really good sleep at bedtime.

Your Hot Hug can be used as often as required providing it is allowed to cool fully between uses. 

  • Inserts are made with 100% cotton
  • Product is filled with tourmaline and pure essential oils
  • Outer cover can be removed and cleaned per instructions
  • Follow heating instructions on packaging and on calico heat pack
  • In time aroma may need replenishing, add a few drops of pure essential oil onto the cushion after heating
  • W230 mm H350 mm D140 mm