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Aroma Home Soothing Body Warmer Cord Bottle Rose & Neroli Scented

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Aroma Home cord body warmers are a modern alternative to a traditional hot water bottle but without the risk of scalding from boiling water. This Rose & Neroli Scented body warmer is much quicker and safer to heat in a microwave. The cotton calico insert is filled with natural wheat grain and fragranced with Rose & Neroli essential oil. The calico insert can be heated in the microwave only and is warm in 90 seconds. The outer cover can be removed and cleaned as per the instructions.

Sooth away those aches and pains, warm up your bed or just have a cosy cuddle. Everyone loves the feel of luxurious warmth melting into their skin, which is why the Aroma Home lavender body warmers are the ultimate gift for family and friends.

  • The removable and is made from 100% cotton for an extra gentle feel.
  • Fragranced with Rose & Neroli Scented
  • Filled with natural flaxseed and infused with pure essential oils
  • Full instructions for use and cleaning are found on the packaging and the product cover