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    Heat therapy products are highly effective at minimising joint pain caused by exercise. A warm up is intended to loosen your joints and muscles before exercise. Our products introduce actual heat sources into your warm-up routine. Wheat and gel heat products are proven to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness in the joints. It’s definitely worth trying them out for yourself.

    Heat therapy definitely works. They do more under the surface than warm your muscles. They increase blood flow to the affected area, directly improving circulation and encouraging faster healing. Muscle regeneration can be helped by heat, as it increases the production of heat shock proteins which cause muscle growth.

    Heat therapy dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to affected muscles and encouraging the release of tension. It can feel similar to a less intense massage!

    It is possible to use heat therapy products in excess and burn your skin. This usually occurs when your product is too hot and placed in direct contact with your skin for extended periods. To avoid this, make sure to create a barrier between the product and your skin and follow the product's specific heating instructions to avoid injury.