Unscented Wheat Bags

All the comfort and therapeutic relief of a Zhu Zhu wheat-filled bag, but without added fragrance. If you love the idea of relaxing muscles and reducing pain the natural way but prefer an unscented solution, we have plenty of microwavable wheat bags to choose from.

Our unscented packs are filled with small grains of wheat that can be microwaved to absorb heat before slowly releasing it for a continuous soothing effect. It’s a brilliant, all-natural solution to relieving everyday aches and pains as well as the discomfort of arthritis, sports injuries, bruising, cramps and tension. The wheat grains within the bag gently settle into the body’s contours, creating a heat pad that’s more comfortable – and safer - than a traditional hot water bottle.

Heat therapy is proven to alleviate the painful symptoms of a wide range of chronic and acute conditions by increasing blood flow to the area which in turn reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing. Simply heat the pad in the microwave then sit back and allow the gentle warmth to do its job.