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    Microwavable wheat bags are simple to use and only require a minute and a half trip in the microwave before it’s ready. Then, once your bag has cooled, heat it again for ongoing pain relief. 

    Browse our range of microwavable wheat bags below, and take care of yourself with Zhu Zhu.

    When used following the manufacturer’s instructions (which you’ll find on the tag), microwavable wheat bags are unquestionably safe. To ensure your wheat bag is heated correctly and safely, check that your microwave turntable is unobstructed and only heat the bag for as long as specified. By doing this, you’ll ensure a comfortable, even temperature throughout your bag.

    The recommended duration of heat therapy is 15-20 minutes, after which time, your wheat bag will gradually cool back to room temperature.

    If soaked or submerged in water, the wheat inside your bag may go mouldy. If you need to clean your wheat bag, we recommend surface cleaning only with a damp cloth or brush to prevent water from getting in.

    However, your wheat bag needs some moisture content to hold the heat. To replenish lost moisture and extend its lifespan, we recommend that half a glass of water is placed in the microwave with your bag during heating to introduce steam and keep the bag healthy.

    Your wheat bag may feel slightly damp or clammy when you remove it from the microwave, but this is totally normal.