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  • Zhu-Zhu Therapeutic Natural Clay Cold Pack - Flexible Ice Pack Pain Relief Wrap

    Combines feel good flexibility with the convenience of a reusable, mess free easy to use cold pack.

    Zhu Zhu Therapeutic Natural Clay Cold Pack with adjustable hook & loop straps for back, abdomen, shoulders, knee, thigh, neck, ankle, joints and many other body parts. It is ideal for sports injuries, for reducing bruising or swelling or relieving the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. A drug free way to help ease pain and inflammation. In general, cold therapy ice pack is used first for a day or two to reduce swelling. Cold therapy slows down blood flow to an injury, which reduces pain and swelling. Applying cold will numb the area, providing the necessary pain relief.

    Designed to fit comfortably around the waist to sooth back and abdominal pain, it can also be draped over the shoulder or wrapped around joints.

    • THE THERAPEUTIC POWER OF COLD THERAPY - Easy to use with adjustable flexible straps with hook & loop fastening to keep the wrap comfortably in place. Flexible and form fitting shape filled with pliable clay, the straps provides improved skin contact and enables to the cooling benefits to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue.
    • REUSABLE COOLING PACK - Chill in the freezer or fridge to use as a cold pack to reduce swelling, sprains, inflammation and bruising. Use cool packs as a cold compress to sooth injuries and help ease headaches, fever and migraines.
    • FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN - The ceramic clay and aqua filling remains pliable and flexible when frozen to easily and comfortably mould to any part of the body. The large pad provides convenient pain relief and aids recovery.
    • SOOTHES AND RELAXES - Delivers soothing relief for sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis, sprains, swelling and more. Can be used post workout and for sports injury rehabilitation.
    • CONVENIENT PENETRATING RELIEF - The cold pack can be kept in a freezer for instant uses when required. Ideal for upper, mid or lower back pain relief, shoulder treatment, sciatica, muscle tenderness, strains, fever, knee, thigh and leg pain. Non-toxic, lead and BPA free. Dimensions approximately 120 x 14 cm including strap.