Microwave Slippers

Sink into a soothing pair of super-soft microwavable slippers – perfect if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Designed to clothe your aching feet in a cloud of warmth and comfort, they’re a wonderful boost on a cold night and a boon for arthritic joints. You’ll already know just how rewarding it is to soak tired feet in a bowl of hot water, bath or foot spa. What you may not know is that the sensation of reduced pain and relaxed muscles is down to the power of heat therapy.

Hot slippers contain small grains of wheat that when heated in the microwave store and release it over time to relax skin, muscles and joints. The slippers are specially constructed to warm all parts of the foot – and ankle, if you opt for a pair of slipper boots. Just the job for treating your feet on a quiet night in!

By maintaining a steady flow of heat to the feet, the microwave slippers deliver effective heat therapy, which, especially when combined with soothing fragrance such as lavender, provides therapeutic benefits.