Feet Warmers

Treat your feet to the soothing comfort of a microwavable foot warmer. Whether you’re looking for a boost of heat on a cold winter’s night, or want to relieve the pain of arthritic joints, our hot slippers will keep toes toasty for hours.

If you’ve experienced the joy of soaking tired or aching feet in a warm bath of water, you’ll already appreciate the benefits of heat therapy. Our feet warmers replicate the action of a foot bath but in a much simpler, safer and longer-lasting format.

Each hot slipper contains small grains of wheat that store heat efficiently when microwaved for around 90 seconds and release it again over time to relax skin, muscles and joints. Heat therapy can help to improve circulation while easing the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis. When heat is applied locally in this way, it increases blood flow to the feet, reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing.