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    Zhu-Zhu Lilac Plush Microwavable Slippers

    Designed in soft, super-comfortable plush, these hot slippers are the perfect way to soothe tired, aching or chilled feet. Simply heat in a microwave for 90 seconds then sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort.
    • Instant warmth and comfort for tired, aching feet
    • Contains wheat grains and pure lavender leaf
    • Relieves pain the natural way
    • Can help to improve circulation
    • One size fits feet from size 3 to 7

    Soothe tired feet with a pair of super-soft microwavable slippers – perfect at the end of a long day. Designed to offer warmth and comfort to aching feet, our slippers are the ideal companions for a cold night and a boon for arthritic joints.

    A bit like soaking feet in a bowl of hot water, but without the fuss and mess, these gorgeous hot slippers will help to ease pain and can reduce the discomfort of chronic conditions such as arthritis. The plush-covered slippers contain small grains of wheat that when heated in the microwave store and release warmth to relax foot, muscles and joints. The slippers are specially constructed to warm all parts of the foot - just the job for treating your feet while you watch the TV.

    The slippers combine effective heat therapy with the soothing fragrance of lavender to provide therapeutic benefits. Heat therapy is a proven method of improving circulation, at the same time easing the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis. The increased blood flow to the feet reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing.