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    Aroma Home Rosebud Feet Warmers - Sage

    <p>Rose, Neroli and Lavender scented microwavable feet warmers.</p>
    <p>Soothe and warm your cold feet with these microwavable feet warmers. Part of the Aroma Home Rosebud collection, they're a fantastic new take on traditional slippers. Natural wheat inserts infused with rose, lavender and neroli essential oils can be quickly heated in the microwave and inserted into these 100% cotton feet warmers for instant heat and relief. In a gentle blue they not only look great, they offer soothing relief from rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation, stress and tension.</p>
    <ul><li>Made with 100% pure cotton </li>
    <li>Warm in 30 seconds </li>
    <li>Heat in a microwave only </li>
    <li>Contains one microwavable insert on the front of each foot warmer. </li>
    <li>Can be walked in while wearing</li>
    <li>Insert filled with natural grain and pure essential oils </li>
    <li>Outer cover can be removed and cleaned per instructions </li>
    <li>Fits most feet up to size 7</li>