Zhu-Zhu Knee Pad - Microwavable Wheat Bag - Navy

If you’re suffering from joint pain, Zhu Zhu’s knee and leg pad could bring you the relief you crave. Ideal for reducing swelling or for relief from an old sports injury, the knee pad can be heated up or used as a cold compress. Perfect for relieving the discomfort of everyday aches and pains as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

  • A heat pack to help soothe aches and pain naturally
  • Stretch fabric back to help secure around knee joints and leg
  • Contains natural wheat grains with no added scent
  • Can be microwaved or frozen for effective relief
  • Dimensions approx L28cm x W22cm

This clever heat pad contains grains of wheat that, once heated, apply heat therapy to deliver proven relief from joint and muscle pain.

The elasticated back makes it easy to secure the wrap around a knee joint or limb to ensure the heat is kept close to the skin. You can apply the wraps hot or cold – from the microwave or freezer – depending on your need. Simply slip around the affected area, and let the heat work to dissolve tension and reduce pain.

The wrap replaces the traditional hot-water bottle, its shape conforming to the joint to radiate penetrating heat that will relax muscles, joints and ligaments, relieving discomfort and promoting healing. This wrap doesn’t have any additional aroma added, so it’s ideal if you are allergic to, or simply don’t like the scent of lavender.

These knee and leg pads are designed so that they’re easy to use, fitting comfortably round the knee, or leg for long-lasting relief from pain.

You can heat the wrap up to relieve stress and tension, soothe aches and pains or ease comfort and back pain, or apply cold if you need to reduce the inflammation from a recent injury, bump or bruise. The heat soothes and relaxes and can be reheated as often as required providing it is allowed to cool fully between uses.