Zhu-Zhu Soothing Neck & Joint Wrap - Microwavable Unscented Wheat Bag

A soothing neck and joint wrap from Zhu-Zhu is a relaxing way to release stress and everyday aches and pains. It is the perfect shape for treating most parts of the body. Simply heat in a microwave and apply the wrap to the tired joints and muscles and enjoy the gentle warmth.

    • A multi-use heat pack to help soothe aches and pain naturally
    • Can be secured round joints for sustained heat therapy
    • Contains natural wheat grains with no added scent
    • Can be microwaved or frozen for effective relief
    • Dimensions approx 52cm x 18cm plus 20cm strap

      An unscented neck and joint wrap from Zhu Zhu is perfect for relieving the discomfort of everyday aches and pains as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

      The wraps contain unscented grains of wheat that, once heated, apply heat therapy to deliver proven relief from joint and muscle pain. The handy strap means it’s easy to secure the wrap round a joint or limb to ensure the heat is kept close to the skin. You can apply the wraps hot or cold – from the microwave or freezer – depending on your condition. Simply fasten around the affected area, and let the heat work to ease tension and reduce pain.

      The wrap works like a hot-water bottle, radiating penetrating heat to relax muscles, joints and ligaments, relieving discomfort and promoting healing. This wrap doesn’t have any additional aroma added, so it’s ideal if you are allergic to, or simply don’t like the scent of lavender.

      These neck and joint wraps are suitable for use all over the body, fitting comfortably round the neck, or round elbows, knees, ankles and wrists for sustained relief from pain.

      You can heat the wrap up to relieve stress and tension, soothe aches and pains or ease comfort and back pain, or apply cold if you need to reduce the inflammation from a recent injury, bump or bruise.