Zhu-Zhu Pink Plush Hot Bottle Body Warmer - Microwavable Wheat Bag

Grab yourself a little cold-weather comfort with this fab and furry plush hot bottle. You won’t have to worry about scalds, spills or leaks, though, as our hot bottles are filled with wheat, not water and contain pure lavender leaf for extra relaxing vibes.

  • Simple, practical body warmer
  • Just microwave to activate and enjoy hours of soothing warmth
  • Contains natural wheat grains and pure lavender leaf
  • Removable fleece cover
  • Dimensions L30cm x W21cm

Go on, treat yourself! This plush hot bottle body warmer is miles better than a water-filled bottle. You won’t have to deal with boiling kettles, scalded fingers or leaky screw-tops, just pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’ll be all set.

The magic is in the filling. The natural grains of wheat are accompanied by a helping of lavender leaf, so that when heated, they release warmth gently for a sustained period, exuding a relaxing aroma that’s definitely conducive to a restful sleep. The removable plush cover is quick to launder and available in a selection of gorgeously indulgent colours and patterns from pale pastels to fluffy Friesian! 

The hot bottle is safe for all ages to use and you can even team it with an electric blanket, because there’s no chance of it springing a leak. The relaxing warmth plus lavender fragrance soothes muscles and helps to calm body and mind in preparation for sleep. You can re-heat our hot bottles time and time again, too.

The hot bottle can also be used to ease aches and pains - just apply to sore muscles or painful joints for instant relief. It works by delivering heat deep into muscles, joints and ligaments, so relieving discomfort and promoting healing. Use your hot bottle whenever you need to soothe a strain.