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    Aroma Home Microwavable Feet Warmers - Lavender

    These soft, comforting feet warmers will help soothe your tired, aching or chilled feet. They are the perfect way to unwind from your busy day.

    • Feet Warmers each contain a grain filled insert.
    • Fragranced with lavender pure essential oil.
    • Outer cover can be removed and cleaned as per instructions.
    • Microwave heat only.
    • Made with 100% pure cotton.
    • Feet Warmers are not designed for walking outdoors.
    • One Size fit most feet up to a women's UK size 7.

    When you want to sit back, relax and truly pamper your feet, these heavenly microwavable feet warmers will elevate the idea of warm and cosy toes to a whole new existence. With one microwavable natural grain filled insert, they’re specially designed to provide the ultimate in aromatic comfort and will help soothe soreness caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia and planter fasciitis.

    Each foot warmer contains one removable insert filled with natural grain and fragranced with Lavender, that when warmed in the microwave produces a therapeutic heat to help reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the stress of being on your feet all day. Everyone loves the feel of luxurious warmth melting into their skin, which is why our feet warmers are the ultimate gift for family and friends.

    The inserts can be heated in a microwave only and are warm in 60 seconds. The outer cover is made from the best quality 100% pure cotton and can be cleaned as per instructions. Aroma Home Feet Warmers fit most feet up to a UK size 7 and are neatly packaged in a gift box. Aroma Home feet warmers are not designed for walking outdoors.

    Aroma Home is committed to the quality and safety of their products and their manufacture. All their microwavable products conform to the stringent British Safety Standard BS8433:2004 and have detailed heating and care instructions on the packaging and the product covers.