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  • Zhu-Zhu Neck & Shoulder Heat Pad - Red Fleece

    The neck and shoulder pad by Zhu-Zhu is a great natural solution to the problem of aching necks and shoulders. Designed to fit comfortably and mould into the neck, shoulders and top of the spine, it soothes pain in minutes. Simply heat in a microwave for a warm sensation infused with lavender that relieves pain and lifts tension and anxiety.

    • Gorgeous fleece fabric construction
    • Can be microwaved or frozen for effective relief
    • Contains natural wheat grains and pure lavender leaf
    • The perfect shape for use on neck and shoulders
    • Dimensions approx. 40cm x 28cm

    A neck and shoulder pad is especially designed to relieve aching neck and shoulder muscles - ideal for treating the discomfort of everyday aches and pains as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. 

    The shaped wrap holds hundreds of wheat grains that deliver effective relief from joint and muscle pain by the application of tried-and-tested heat therapy. Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury, whiplash or as a result of a chronic medical condition, a wheat-filled wrap can help. Simply apply it hot or cold – straight from the microwave or freezer – to the affected area, and let the gentle heat or cooling compress dissolve tension and reduce pain.

    A neck and shoulder wrap replaces a cumbersome hot-water bottle and there’s no risk of leaking or scalding, either. The soothing heat and lavender aroma unites to soothe muscles, joints and ligaments, relieving discomfort and promoting healing.

    These wraps are designed specifically for the neck and shoulder region, fitting comfortably round the neck and over the shoulder, but Zhu Zhu also stocks a wide range of heat pads for every part of the body. They are easy to use and can be reheated again and again making them a truly affordable complementary therapy.