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    Zhu-Zhu Silk Lavender Eye Mask - Purple

    Incorporate our silky eye mask into your bedtime ritual for a restful sleep. Filled with pure lavender to help relaxation and prepare you for sleep and featuring a soft velour backing for extra eye comfort. Ideal for use on flights or train journeys.

    • Satin silk eye mask
    • Contains pure lavender to promote relaxation
    • Soft velour backing and stretchy strap for comfort
    • Supplied in a plastic wallet
    • Dimensions approx. 22cm x 10cm

    Enjoy a deep natural sleep with no distractions with this silky Zhu Zhu eye mask. Designed to provide comfortable, light-free slumber, it’s the perfect partner for a relaxing snooze.

    Designed to fit snugly and comfortably to cut out extraneous light and provide optimum conditions for a deep sleep, our eye mask is a invaluable ally – especially when you’re trying to doze in the daytime or on a journey. Fabricated from luxurious satin silk and velour with the addition of lavender to aid relaxation.

    Lots of factors affect how deeply we sleep and high levels of light can lead to disturbed rest. You can optimise your chances of getting a good sleep by creating a calm pre-bedtime regimen with low lights, reduced visual stimulation and a warm milky drink. An eye mask is a great standby, though, especially if you need to sleep in the daytime. This eye mask comfortably creates the illusion of darkness even when it’s light outside. This fools the brain into believing that it’s the right time to rest – ideal if you work shifts or need to adjust to a new time zone.

    A good sleep also increases the production of melatonin which is considered vital to general health and well-being. It makes us more alert and improves our problem-solving abilities, aiding memory and relaxing the body. The right amount of sleep also helps to top up our immune system and reduces stress levels.